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spoon n1+T1R 63mm B-pipe? or custom b-pipe?

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like the title says i have a spoon n1 on my 05 type-s and i was looking into getting the t1r b-pipe, but went to various retailers and they're all outta my question is do i wait 3 weeks (quoted by jhp usa) for the t1r? Or do I just call it a day and get a custom b-pipe? and if i do get a custom pipe i want it to be 2.5in just like the t1r...whats more expensive custom or t1r b-pipe? thoughts and inputs are welcome
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just wait the 3 weeks.
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just go with a custom 2.5" mandrel bent midpipe w/ resonator. It'll be waaaaay cheaper. I had a shop in Van Nuys quote me $200 otd for a custom one w/ a magnaflow resonator.
thanks for the inputs guys!!! BTW JHP quoted me $392...idk, more inputs plz i cant make up my mind
i have the N1 axle running the 05 type s b pipe but im getting spoons b pipe to replace it
yea just be patient and get the t1r pipe
ive been too patient like for 2 months waiting for the b-pipe frm a1 motorsport...bad business man the guy keep giving me bs about it being shipped out but i dnt see it and hes been saying this for the longest so i just decided to collect and go w/jhp since i know jhp is good business, 3 weeks they told me...
anyone have a clip of a spoon n1+custom b-pipe?
it is 63mm...i think ima buy it for christmas lol
ti-r 70 mm ftw
will the different midpipe affect teh sound?
will the different midpipe affect teh sound?
yea cause it has a smaller resonator compared to stock
spoon b pipe ftmfw
ti-r 70 mm ftw
does t1r ship out the 70mm b-pipe on its own as well? cuz i thought the only way u would get the 70mm was by buying the whole catback:confused:
just got the t1r installed and its not much louder than it was w/the stock b-pipe but it does sound beefier ...just thought i'd share
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