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This is my first show off thread so im not soooo sure how this is gonna go :)

More Current up to Date Pics on Page 8

2002 Acura RSX(Was a SSM Base model)


Lexus Starfire Pearl White


06 K24A2

Injen CAI(Powerder Coated Red)
Skunk2 70mm TB
Skunk2 Intake Manifold(Port matched)
Skunk2 Fuel Rail
RDX 410cc Injectors

Street Port n Polish
50 Degree VTC Gear
Stage 2 Brian Crower Cams
BC Intake and Exhaust Valves
BC Springs and Titanium Retainers

Kid Racing Race Header 70mm collector
Greddy Ti-C Catback 70mm


Rebuilt 2002 Tranny
TSX 6th Gear
4.3 Final Drive
Quiafe LSD
Hybrid Racing Shifter Bushings


JDM Recaro Seats Black with Red Stitching
Nardi 330mm Black Suede with Red Stitching
JDM Shift Boot with Red Stitching
JDM Pedals and Dead Rest
Revo Short Shifter
Skunk2 Shift Knob
Recaro Suede Roof Liner
Recaro Suede Door Inserts
Custom Single DIN Triple Gauge Console
NRG Quick Release
NRG 4 Point Harness and Harness Bar

Suspesion, Brakes and Wheels AKA Foot Work

Tein SS-P with Pillow Ball Mounts

Rear Maxed out
Front still has about an inch of drop left

J's Racing C Pillar
Cusco Rear Floor Strut Bar(Powder Coated Bar Black, Ends Red)
JDM Type R Front Sway Bar

JDM Type R Brembo Brake Kit

4 Piston Up front
2 Piston In the rear
Equipped with Hawk Ceramic Pads(little to no dust under heavy braking)

Custom Stage 1 Gator Axles for the Brembo Kit Fitment with JDM LCA's

Volk Genesis CE28N's 17x9.5 +28mm all around
with the JDM Brembo Conversion add +15mm all around

So in reality the Wheel Specs are 17x9.5 +13

This is what i started out on 5 years ago. Base 5 Speed

then it looked like this 1 year ago :thumbsdow i no

Then it started to get just a lil bit better after the 5spd motor took a poop and i swapped in a K24A2 with the same 5 spd tranny

Still looked like shit :shakehead

It was gettin somewhat better when the worst thing possible happened....

STOLEN from my driveway :thumbsdow

Time to start from the begging again

@ the Body Shop after it being stolen and stripped to nothing. Gettin official mugen front n sides test fitted along with the 05/06 Headlight Conversion.

Here is it is the shop getting everything thrown back together

Ready for a Power House again :giggity:


New Wider Wheels

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In the Garage pretty complete minus the Drop n camber

Official Pic with drop n camber. Rear Maxed out, front still have alot of drop left


Newest Pics

The Bay as Promised

Here is a Video of it on the Dyno

Vroom Vroom. GTO Vs Me 15 roll 2nd gear


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Current Pics with the ChargeSpeed Front Wide Fenders +20mm. The wheel offset called for just the front wide fenders, if i did the back it wouldnt have been nearly as flush.

Most recent


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dude that suck ass that it was stolen, but glad you are bringin it back with new stuff and a new paint job. good luck with everythin and future plans, def look into some kinda alarm/whatever to keep it safe.
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wtf? they stripped down your car in your driveway? where were you..

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wtf? they stripped down your car in your driveway? where were you..
They stole it out from my driveway and took it somewhere, stripped it, then left it on EP3 4 Lug status. Had the car taken to my house where i started from Zero

And for the Security...Viper 2way and Escort GPS tracking. I feel safe again

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i like the car when you first got it..n then gradually got worse..but now its back again:) sweet new pwp !

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much better props dude
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