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Steering Wheel Galore! Quick Release, Hub, Adapter, Horn Button, Shift Knob, Etc Etc!

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December/08 – added more steering wheels.

All prices are shipped within the lower 48 U.S. Anywhere else will be extra. Contact me for a quote.
Paypal fee must be added to final price.
Local picked up is welcomed in Southern California.

DISCLAIMER! Lots of these hubs fitment should be pretty accurate as I have done my research with the info I was given when I got them.
Please, if you have doubts or not sure about the fitment, do your own research.

First off, wheels with my user ID Tag.

12. Veilside 350MM – $130 Shipped + PP Fee[email protected]/b477zU

70. Tetsu International 360MM - $550 Shipped + PP Fee
One of the holy grail of steering wheels.[email protected]/894Z9U

88. Pro-Spats 360MM - $260 Shipped + PP Fee
Ultra-rare, Like new condition.[email protected]/nPHB5F

89. Nardi Classic Gold Leather 385MM - $150 Shipped + PP Fee
NOTE: Sorry, the horn button and the beauty ring are no longer available, only the wheel itself left.[email protected]/613WaH

101. Tom's Racing 345MM - $480 Shipped + PP Fee
Rarest amongst all the Tom’s Racing steering wheels.[email protected]/p0bc18

113. MuRex 370MM - $370 Shipped + PP Fee
New. Ultra Rare. Made by Moto-Lita for Yamaco.[email protected]/q5W2X2

123. Italvolanti Garson DAD Swarovski Crystal Dark Woodgrain 370MM - $350 Shipped + PP Fee[email protected]/E13C7p

124. Italvolanti Garson DAD Swarovski Crystal Light Woodgrain 370MM - $350 Shipped + PP Fee[email protected]/mp6995

139. Baruni Gold 350MM - $200 Shipped + PP Fee
Very rare, like new.[email protected]/nr6Ce8

161. Murex 365MM - $150 Shipped + PP Fee
Ultra Rare. Made in France by Moto-Lita for Yamaco. True vintage, made in the 70s[email protected]/g1s65d

182. Personal Fittipaldi YR78 350MM - $220 Shipped + PP Fee
Vintage, made in 1978, leather is in great condition.[email protected]/p864R4

183. Personal Fittipaldi Vintage 350MM - $200 Shipped + PP Fee
Vintage, not too sure when it was made.[email protected]/2cDGJU

186. Momo Mario Andretti 350MM - $250 Shipped + PP Fee
Great condition considered it was made in the 70’s.[email protected]/Dq4zY4

189. Momo Mod 02 345MM - $220 Shipped + PP Fee
Long discontinued, good condition.[email protected]/dM846p

202. Alpha Suede 300MM - $180 Shipped + PP Fee
Very rare Alpha race suede wheel, drilled to use 3 holes of Momo bolt pattern.[email protected]/9n3AD8

203. Leonard Brown Leather 350MM - $160 Shipped + PP Fee
Uncommon Leonard steering wheel, right side does have few scratches as pictured.[email protected]/7HMs28
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Once my next paycheck comes in ill probably buy that Momo semi cut from you
List updated with new wheels!

Added whole bunch of steering wheels!
S.S.I. Quick release
Works Bell Rapfix QRS II
Whole bunch of new horn buttons!
213. Personal Demon P 310MM - $OLD!
205. Personal Suede 290MM - $OLD!
243. Nardi Classic Polished Woodgrain 365MM 10 - $OLD!
Added blue Prodrive QR and Prodrive Lock, also a red Works Bell QR.
31. WBJ x NRI Limited Release Rapfix II - $OLD!
256. Nardi Classic Polished Woodgrain 365MM 11 - $OLD!
256. Nardi Classic Polished Woodgrain 365MM 11 - $OLD!
41 - 60 of 86 Posts
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