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yes i know, i need to find the 'search' button and do my homework. but given how seemingly common it is for these wheels to completely deteriorate, i was actually hoping for a concise guide on the options... i attempted to read the almost 300 posts on the sticky, but gave up after the 5th page of "look at my ridiculously expensive racing setup". sorry, just looking for a nice replacement.

so i'd GREATLY appreciate feedback on what the various options are. i hope this thread becomes useful to more than just me...

option 1 - find a replacement OE RSX wheel.
= not very likely to find a good one since they all seem to suffer from the outside wrap falling apart

option 2 - find a late model Honda wheel that'll work.
= this option is pretty attractive, but need to know how easily it transplants,
like will the horn, air bag, and cruise controls work.
which ones will work???

option 3 - replace the outer wrap with Redline Goods or other leather stitched wrap
= seems a reasonable option, if done right. seems that some wheels i've seen on here look ok, but most things do online (vs in real life).
any good or bad feedback on these?

option 4 - install an aftermarket wheel. lots of wheels to pick from, some really cheap, some very very expensive.
= for someone like me looking for a direct replacement, it'd be good to know which wheels are a direct replacement. And which ones have provisions for horn, cruise control, and airbag. guessing most will not have any of that.
are there any decent ones out there for ~$100-150 that have at least the horn control?

and what if the replacement wheel doesnt have the airbag, what can you do? defeat the MIL light?

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For your option 4, almost all aftermarket steering wheels have horn button or can have one installed easily.
With a little work, you can keep cruise control as well.
Any wheel will work, you just need a hub to fit on the car.
Airbag will be very rare on aftermarket wheels.
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