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Driving stick will become easier and easier for you.

Coming to a stop, pressing the clutch in and letting it roll does no harm, I would personally wait until just arriving at 1100 RPMs before putting the clutch in and stopping though, but thats just me and how I drive, everyone picks up different styles.

Starting the car while in gear will do no harm whatsoever, just make sure you put the car in neutral before releasing the clutch unless you are going to start moving..

Daily driving, I would shift around 3,000 RPMs, and I cruise between 2,500 RPMs and 3,000 RPMs. Anything less than 2,000 RPMs usually will bog the motor.

Our cars are really aggressive, so expect it to jerk with low throttle, don't worry, its just a natural characteristic of the RSX.

I usually rev match in to lower gear while approaching a turn so I can accelerate quickly instead of bogging, but again its just a style and everyone has their own.
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