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Hey everyone. After having my RSX Base 5 speed for 6 years, I finally got around to do my dream swap. I'm not one to chase those crazy high HP numbers. This is my daily driver and I just wanted a simple stock reliable K24 swap done. More torque = better drivability and with my K20A3, I was getting tired of being slow.

Many people told me to just sell it and buy a different car. I've driven faster cars before Challenger R/T and Mustang 5.0s, but I can't look away from how nimble and practical the RSX is. Plus, considering my car insurance still thinks it's a Base and not a Type-S, my insurance is still cheaper compared to Type-S.

For the most part, what I've seen here in CRSX are K24 swaps that involve changing the cams or the A2 head, so I really didn't know what numbers to expect when just doing a stock swap.

Supporting mods include:
  • AEM V2 Short Ram Intake
  • DC Sports Race Header (Type-S)
  • ExMag RSR Catback exhaust
  • EXEDY 08806 Racing Clutch Kit
  • 11lb Competition Clutch 2-800-STU Flywheel
  • OEM Type-S Throttle body
  • RBC Intake manifold
  • Kpro V4
  • EM2 Sway bar
  • Mishimoto Radiator and Thermostat
So for the most part we have bolt ons and a lighten flywheel.

The K24A was bought from Orlando JDM. I wanted a JDM engine for the low mileage (~50K Miles) and the 90-day warranty. The engine was $800.00.

As you can see from the part below, the K24A would be from one of these 3 vehicles:

2004-2006 Accord 24S/ 24T / 24TL = 197HP & 171 lb-ft
2006-2008 Accord 24TL Type S = 197HP & 171 lb-ft
2008-2013 Accord Type S = 206HP & 171 lb-ft

I did not change the oil pump, timing chain or tensioner. Rear main seal and crankshaft seal were replaced. New clutch, pilot and throw out bearing were replaced.

All of my accessories from the base model were placed on the K24A. So I have power steering and AC.

Shout out to Chris and Jose for doing the swap. Labor for doing the swap was $1300.00. I dropped it off Wednesday and pick it up Friday. Dyno tune was performed on Tuesday by Darrell of Proven Power in Tampa.

So the question everyone is probably asking, how much power gain?

Before I did the swap, I went to Proven Power in March to see how much my K20A3 was making with just bolt ons.

157 WHP / 141 lb-ft

VIDEO OF K20A3 Dyno Run


With the K24A:

208 WHP / 169 lb-ft

VIDEO OF K24A Dyno Run


HP Dyno Chart comparing K24A and K20A3

Needless to say, I have very happy with the numbers. Driving is so much fun and having real vtec is awesome. The drivability is waay better. RPMs doesn't drop when I turn on the AC or turn my steering wheel. Just cruising on the highway and just stepping on it in 5th gear and the car just moves! I'm not one to redline and abuse my car but even just taking it up to 5-6K, I just think to myself, holy shit it's pushing me back in my seat! No CEL, SRS or ABS lights on the dash. Idle is set to 900. Smooth ride, no vibrations.

My next plan is to install Hard Race engine mounts since the Weapon-R Torque damper isn't doing much. Under heavy load and sudden deceleration, the header hits the sway bar.

As far as performance plans, I plan to go back to Proven Power and get a E85 tune, bigger injectors and pump. Maybe once the 5-Speed transmission fails, I'll look into the Civic Si 6-Speed Transmission with LSD.

Cost tear down: Total Cost $4005.00

Labor $1,300
Engine $800
Dyno Tune $400
RBC intake & Sway $360.00
Clutch $315
Mishimoto Radiator $260
TB Adaptor & Gasket $123
Type-S Throttle Body OEM $100
Thermostat $71
End links $50
CRV Post mount $50
Spark plugs $27
Engine Oil $23
Rear main & Crank seal $23
Coolant $20
HondaBond $20
Serpentine Belt $18
Freon $10
Oil Filter $10
Brake cleaner $10
P/S Fuild $9
Pilot Bushing $6

Now some people may say, "Wow you spent $4K on the swap? You could have done it yourself, bla bla bla, should have went Turbo". This is my daily and reliability was the key part of this build. There are plenty of things that can go wrong going turbo and would have been more expensive to do it the right way. I live in an apartment so I couldn't do the swap myself. I'm posting everything on how much I spent so people who are interested in doing the swap in their base can have a good idea on how much to spend and on what.

If anyone has any questions about doing this swap, feel free to private message me.
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Nice work and congratulations! Nothing wrong with having a reliable NA setup.

K24 swap was my favorite mod as well for my RSX. Unfortunately, it's down at the moment (freak accident with water methanol injection), but plan to get her running again soon.

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They fit pretty well. The area between the radiator support, AC line and hood support prop doesn't show any signs rubbing. Unfortunately the hood does rub a bit on the AEM intake and the elbow on the AC line.

I may had to switch to a Civic EP3 AC line that goes around the passenger side of the engine instead of how it goes above the valve cover.

Also when I upgrade to the hardrace mounts it should hold the motor better while hopefully not introducing more vibrations compared to the weapon R torque mount.

I'll provide pictures in a bit.
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