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Hello Everyone,

I'm not sure if i'm posting in the right section, i apologize if it's wrong. However on Monday night (12/19) my 2006 RSX Type-S was stole from my apartment in Long Beach, CA. Just like any other RSX owner i'm sure we all like usually take a second look when we see another RSX on the road, so I am asking everyone driving around these next few days to please contact me if you see or know any information regarding my car.

Couple of things that should stand out:
-2006 Silver RSX Type-S
-stock exterior, including stock rims
-Back of car has been de-badge. only the "A" is in the center and the "Acura" and "RSX type-s" badges have been removed.
-small dent on the driver side front bumper
-small dent on the front of hood (looks like someone sat on it)
-OTIS College of Art and Design frame around the back license plate
-Tinted windows
-Shift knob has been changed to a silver ball
-recently replaced floor mats with all-weather floor mats
-2 x 10inch subwoofer in the trunk

The car was taken between 9pm-1030pm on Monday night around the Traffic Circle in Long Beach. If anyone has any information please email me at: [email protected]

Thank you to everyone, I really miss my car.
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