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Hi guys
Here's the current spec of my car and some pics.

Gruppe M
SFS Induction hose
Jackson Racing Supercharger
Race 3.4" pulley
Comptech Auto Tensioner
RC 650cc injectors
Hondata K-Pro (MASE tuned)
Buddy Club 4-2-1 Manifold
Trust Ti-C exhaust system
Skunk2 Magnetic Drain Plugs
Spoon Sports Reservoir Covers
SFS Coolant hoses
Type R battery tie down

Competition Clutches stage 1 clutch
Buddyclub short shifter

BC Racing Coilovers with Adjustable Top Mounts
J's Racing Upper Front Strut Brace
SPC Rear Camber Arms
TGM Fast Road Set Up
Innovative 75A Steel Engine Mounts

7.5x17" ET43 Rays Gram Lights 57 Optimise Time Attack
215/45/17 Bridgestone Potenza RE040

Ings+1 Front Lip
Front plate hole smoothed
Red-out rear lights
Philips UltraBlue 6000K Xenon HIDs

Bride lower seat rails
Buddyclub gearknob
Stripped out rear interior
TRS magnum 3" harnesses
Kenwood DDX-5022 Head Unit
Kenwood KCA iP301V iPod lead

Pics, please note the OEM Recaro's are now back in place


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Anyhow, so here goes, little write up i suppose....Had a tuning day with MASE yesterday...

Woke up in the morning.
Out til 4AM on a work do! Up at 8 to go to Chertsey.

So Off I go to fleet to pick up my mate and smash a tank of V-power in the old girl.
Gets to his, he gets given the keys cos i'm in no fit state.
Drive 100 metres up the road maybe and it threw the belt. Awesome!
Brand new gatorback at £60!!
He wasn't even giving it any beans either....
Strange one
Luckily, I had a spare belt and tools with me, so hungover to fornicate, I changed the belt on the roadside and we got on our way.

Gets to SRR about 0945ish and there was a hillclimbing S2k on the rollers having magic worked, don't know figures though.

Once he was done, mine got strapped on and ready to rock.

Baseline figure with the map I was running hit 215WHP/247fly..... read on
First map MASE uploads after, hits 245WHP instantly.
Couple of tweaks, more runs, more tweaks etc.... he settled ad around 253WHP/roughly 288fly.

Disapointed stoo.

Then he says, not bad for stock pulley, 4PSI is quite low boost.
To which I replied, this is a race kit with a 7PSI pulley......

So I tensioned the belt which I forgot about by the roadside.

Re-run it.
280WHP instantly, bang......

Tweaky tweaky, final figures as above.
283.6 WHP - 326.1 Fly - 182lbft Torque.
Happy Stoo!!!!
8700RPM Rev limit
3800RPM Vtec window lower limit
975RPM idle speed

Took it out for a run and holy eff it shifted.
However we had an issue.
Something was awry with the TPS sensor reading and at WOT it was showing 0% (only at WOT) and cutting the fuel and ignition instantly like a limp/safe mode....

Anyway, MASE had a play and sorted it out, smoothed the idle out to so it no longer almost stalls after the throttle plate is shut.

All in all, a really good day, top guys, great result.
Afterwards my friend and I went for a blat with Dave C to get some footage which Im sure will be posted soon enough... :)

Here's the pics....
Tying her down
Charlies awesome hair!

First baseline (~215whp)

First pull after MASE basemap (~243whp)

Final figure before belt re-tension (~249whp)

Next figure after re-tension (~277whp)

Tweaky tweak.Final figure :) :) :) (~283.6whp)

Dave and MASE doing what they do best....

Couple of gratuitous shots...


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So Off I go to fleet to pick up my mate and smash a tank of V-power in the old girl.
Gets to his, he gets given the keys cos i'm in no fit state
damn man looks nice. i wish i had a friend from the uk just so i could listen to him say crazy shit like your whole 2nd post :lawl::beerchug:

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Beast kid

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Thanks for the comments guys.

LOL @ Talking the way i do. Second nature I suppose

Re wheels/Tails.
I love them both.
The wheels give it more of an aggressive look and the rim stripe brings out the Red in the R in Type R. As for the tails, I think they give the rear a cleaner look! :)

LMAO @ Fat dude!
Im 89kg!!
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