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yeah I have the same tubes from streetglow, same sizes.
I put them under my front seats. I placed the wires around the center console so that no one can see the wires. I actually tucked in the wires inside the plastics.Also I bought 3-1 thing so that I could plug in 3 things at same time.
I carefully placed that next to the center console using 3m double sided tapes.
There is a way to use wires into instead of cigarette plug but I didn't want to make it permanent. I want to take it off whenever and sell it off. If you use wires to connect these neons, it's permanent and such a hassle to take it on and off.
It's your choice. It's your car, anyways.
Hope u make wise choice. Good luck.
BTW underseater RED neons are great. It's very fancy and you wont regret it.
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