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I searched and found less than a half dozen threads relating to the dust cover / boot.

I bought a set of gently used Koni struts/springs assembled originally put together by a shop.

They don't have the dust cover / boot from the stock struts.
I see this part listed in the service manual and installation instructions during the assembly of the assembly.

Is this something that is needed or not needed, should or should not be installed?
I know each setup is different, and being smaller maybe they aren't usually installed, I don'w know.

I thought that without a dust cover the struts can be easily damaged from dirt.
I just looked and my stock dust cover / boot is torn in half, and I believe my struts are also going bad.

I'm worried that if dust covers / boots should have been originally installed, and the previous owner ran 10k miles without them, that it was too good of a deal too be true.


thanks in advance, I'd think this would be a common question as I'd guess most boots are torn when people buy new struts and people either leave them off or wait and get new ones.

either way I'm gonna wait to install these until I find out.
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