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2002 Acura RSX-Base
215k mi

Hey guys, I'm looking to get front and rear struts replaced. Not interested in any performance struts, just something that's going to give me a smooth ride. I'm actually looking at getting a new car very soon so didn't want to put too much money at this point into the RSX. My RSX is my daily and I carpool with coworkers and the ride has just gotten too rough for me to handle. I have a few questions if y'all had some time.

1. The Gabriel Ultra Struts for the front are on wholesale right now for $22 a pop (normally $92). Do any of you have any experience with this brand for struts? Again, just looking for something to restore my ride to bearable.

2. They only have the front struts on sale, so was thinking of getting some Monroe or KYB GR-2/Excel G on the rear. Can I expect to have some issues with different brands on the front & rear? These both talk about restoring back to OEM.

3. Lastly, what else can I expect to possibly repair with the suspension if my struts haven't been replaced in over 100k miles? Ball joints, strut mounts, etc.?

4. I have all the tools outside of needing to rent a spring compressor, should I do this myself? Or is it a pretty difficult job?

Sorry if I sound naive, but don't know much about suspension. Plan on getting an alignment after I replace the struts as well.

Thanks in advance for all the help!
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