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Any one know if I can run a lightened flywheel in STS. I'm about to change my clutch so I figured I might want to change my flywheel but street prepared in my region is really tough(5 past national champions) so I'm tryin to stay in STS. STS is basically the only class I can be competative in since I'm relatively new and some of the drivers in the stock classes trailer their cars in so those classes are out of the question.


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you can get away with it at regional level competition as long as your not beating anyone who knows better. lightened flywheels are pretty easy to detect as your car rev's so much faster then stock, and there really not going to help you out too much anyway.

that said dont worry about being competitive if your new to the sport, dont do any mods now that once you get better and start to become competitive will get you protested. just stay legal for the class and have at it, or do whatever you want and run time only just for fun.

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To stay in STS engine and drivetrain must not be modified.

You will most likely be pushed to ST-X. Here is where I got this from...

Stock, Street Touring, Street Prepared, or Street Modified?
Cars must either be specifically classified in the official lists or must have been

* series-produced
* street-legal automobiles
* built in quantities of 1000 or more per 12 month period and
* normally sold at US dealers

to be eligible to run in Stock or Street Prepared categories. Street Touring and Street Mod Category Rules do not specify these restrictions, but most or all eligible cars will meet them.

If your car does not meet these criteria, it might be classified in the modified category, or may be eligible to run only in regional open classes (e.g. SFR's Open Street Prepared). If it does, the information below can help you classify your car. Consult the SCCA Solo I & II Rules for details of the differences between the Categories.
As a rough guide, if your car has modifications beyond this list it is not eligible for Stock Category:

* Anything available on the exact model and year of your car as standard or optional equipment, as installed on the factory assembly line (nothing available only dealer-installed is allowed), plus
* Standard OEM identical replacement parts
* Accessories, gauges, appearance, comfort, and convenience items (not replacement driver's seat, though) that basically don't help
* Added roll bar or roll cage to spec (not required, though)
* Driver harness (no cutting seats to install, though)
* Trailer hitch and/or tow bar mountings
* Any wheel of diameter and width identical to a stock or factory optional wheel, offset within +- 0.25 inch
* Most street legal tires that will fit the mounted wheels and stock bodywork
* Any shock absorber of the same type and mounting as original; no change to standard spring mountings is allowed; suspension geometry may not be altered; gas or hydraulic shocks are permitted
* Any brake linings; pre-1992 cars may use solid/braided metal brake lines.
* Any front anti-roll bar (no change to stock/optional rear anti-roll bar, if present)
* Manufacturer specified ignition settings only
* Any replacement air filter element (or removal of air filter element); no plumbing changes, however
* Engine bored no more than .020"; no balancing or porting/polishing of head
* Replacement of any part of the exhaust system past the catalytic converter (if quiet)
* Any oil filter
* Added clutch scattershield

Street Touring - S
If your car is a normally aspirated sedan (four seats, four factory seatbelts, not sports-car derived) of 3.1 Liters or less, or one of a few small turbocharged cars specified in the rules, and perhaps prepared further than allowed in Stock Category, it may be eligible for one of the Street Touring Classes. Street Touring - S is an SCCA National class, but Street Touring-R is an optional Regional only class. Street Touring allows anything allowed in Stock, plus (roughly) these modifications:

* Any shocks, struts, and springs, using original attachment points
* Any sway bars
* Any wheels up to 7.5" in width that fit over stock brakes
* Tires up to and including a width of 225, with a treadwear rating of 140 or greater.
* Strut bars/braces as allowed in Street Prepared.
* Exhaust system downstream of catalytic converter(s)
* Short throw shift kits
* Spoilers, body kits, rear wings, etc.
* Pedal kits and other interior cosmetic accessories
* Alternate brakes pads and linings
* Any fully padded and upholstered front seats with reclining seat backs
* Removal of factory trim (rub strips, emblems)
* Alternate steering wheels of any diameter, otherwise meeting Stock rules
* Cross drilled and/or slotted brake rotors
* Alternate air cleaner enclosures
* No limited slip differentials except factory viscous coupler type units
* Stock brake calipers/drums
* Fenders may not be cut or flared (but specific modifications for tires OK)
* Emission-legal headers
* Emission legal modifications to Engine management system, either electronic or mehanical, but not both.
* Engine and transmission must remain unmodified, including emissions equipment

Street Touring - R

For 2002, Street Touring - R has been replaced by ST-X, below. Local regions may continue to support ST-R, or any other possible class, if they wish, however.
Street Touring - X

Same limitations as Street Touring - S, but generally allows cars up to 5 liters or 2 liters turbo- or supercharged, with Limited Slip Differential, and certain other extensions.
Street Modified
Street Modified is a pretty free-for-all class that is a full National class in 2002. For streetable sedans, expands eligible vehicles and modifications above Street Touring, above Steet Prepared, and perhaps even above Prepared category.

* All Street Prepared modifications are allowed, plus
* Unrestricted modification of engine, drive train, and suspension, and some other modifications, as long as the car uses highway fuels.

Street Modified 2
Street Modified 2 is a new optional Regional class beginning in 2002. It has similar rules to SM, but allows 2-seater cars, and cars too light or small to qualify for SM.
Street Prepared and Beyond...
More vehicles and different changes are allowed in Street Prepared, but major modification will put you in the Prepared or even a Modified category; consult the rules for details.

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Well it doesn't matter anymore. I just found out that the free carbon fiber hood I got puts me in CSP so new clutch here I come. I ultimately decided that I would stick with the stock flywheel to keep me in the rev range between shifts and under braking anyway.:thumbsup: for free hood:firemad: for stupid class rules


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AlwaySmokin said:
Well it doesn't matter anymore. I just found out that the free carbon fiber hood I got puts me in CSP so new clutch here I come. I ultimately decided that I would stick with the stock flywheel to keep me in the rev range between shifts and under braking anyway.:thumbsup: for free hood:firemad: for stupid class rules


You found out wrong. That carbon fiber hood will boot you right past CSP and into Street Modified. Might as well add a turbo or supercharger now.


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HardWired71 said:
To stay in STS engine and drivetrain must not be modified.
the scca is bit rule crazy to say the least. their rule books would make a fascist proud!

this class or that class, whatever. they spend so much energy policing people's cars and in reality people can cheat themselves into/out of a given class.

people should be able to sign up for the class they feel their car can be competitive in and go from there. ultimately unless the classes are broken down into identical car groups it seems like the races are largely against ones own time/previous run anyways.

little a
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