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Surging, high idle 2003 type s rsx

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So my problem started with a surging idle. I replaced the iacv and the problem went away for a few days but came back. Had a friend change the tb, sensors on it, map sensor, and iacv. Now it sometimes surges when cold, but usually does when in neutral and the car is coasting. When it warms up the idle stays around 2k rpm’s and kind of sputters/bounces. Driving in like 1st-4th gears at low rpm’s it is rough when letting of the gas like in the 1.5-3.5k rpm range when letting off the gas it’ll jolt or buck kind of hard. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it.

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We've all done it, gone down the parts replacement rabbit hole without actually diagnosing the problem first. Too many new variables have been introduced to the problem now.

The initial surge problem, and now your high idle, is the result of too much air entering the intake. Causes can include vacuum leak, faulty fast idle valve, low coolant, restriction or defect preventing the throttle plate from closing completely, idle air control valve sticking, etc.

Here's a video diagnosing idle problems on an older model, but the principles are the same.
Your money light is on, Did you scan for codes?
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