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sway bar bracket nut broke off inside subframe

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Was hoping to get advice on this problem. A while back while swapping sway bars i was wondering why the front sway bar bracket bolt wouldnt tighten. Turns out the nut inside in subframe somehow broke off and now theres no nut in there.

I got it looked at and the mechanic said the only way to fix it is to swap a used subframe in and it was going to be about 1k. 300 for a used subframe rest labor + alignment. Is there any other cheaper way to get a nut in there or is this the only option i have? Thanks
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I'd saw out some of the portion of brace where the nut supposed to be. then fish the nut out Perhaps with a flexible magnet rod? Then you can tighten the nut and bolt while also being able to see it. The only change would be you would now have to use an extra wrench or something to hold that nut while you bolt it down.
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