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Hi guys,

So I've finished my swirl pot (internal pump of swirl pot), fuel lines, fpr etc.

Wired up my 4 pin relay

#30 to battery
#87 to fuel pump
#85 to ground to chassis.

Now the #86 signal wire for triggering the second pump. I've tried to look/find diagrams for the trigger/signal wire with no certainty. Can anyone confirm what I tap into?
Seen a diagram.. E7- red/ylw for the fuel pump signal?

Also I'm running my oem fuel pump to supply the swirl pot. Does any wiring need changed, does this pump need to be constantly supplying the swirl pot with fuel to keep up?

Cause I was thinking if both pumps are being triggered by the same signal. Would my swirl pot in-tank pump (walbro 255) effectively make the swirl pot abit inefficient being say half full due to demand of the 255 being able to pump more?
Tried searching for my answers for while but my understanding of these points is where am at abit unclear.

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