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First off before I do anything I have a bunch of people to thank

Stage Motorsports
Mike @Ktuned
Xavier @Wire-Worx
EncoreDC5 (Anthony)
All In Fab
The guys over @ Carolina Dyno
Billy Hoang @Need Poweder Coating
Danny Avina
And last but not least, My Team NvUS

I've been around for years but this is my first showoff/build thread. It is still in the works so updates will be made as progress is made.

Here is a list of current mods on the car


Full Race intercooler
Intercooler piping is custom made with vanjen clamps
Peakboost Manifold with downpipe and testpipe
Tucked Radiator
Tial Wastegate
Tial BOV (dipped in 24k Gold)
Rc injectors
Rbc intake mani
Innovative motor mounts
AEM Fuel Rail
Walbro intake pump
Aeromotive fpr
Aeromotive inline pump
Feed and return set up done in SS Braided Line
Fuse Box Relocated
Custom Ac line relocated AC
Custom power steering line
Valve Cover Powdercoated Candy purple with Candy purple catch can from All In Fab
Skunk2 Low Profile Valve Cover Hardware
Skunk2 Low Profile Fender Washers


Rear hatch visor
Top One Side Skirt Splitters
Window Visors
Front Big Brake Kit
Kteller 3in exhaust
Custom V-lip
Honda badges front and rear
JDM Type S emblem in rear
Full Aspec Lip kit all around
Smoked tail lights
Rear Tow Hook
Skunk 2 gold Lower Control Arms
Beaks Purple tie bar
Rear hatch visor
Window Visors
6000k Hid Headlights
3000k Hid Fogs (yellow)


Battery relocated to the trunk
Suede Headliner
Custom AEM digital gauge set up
Stock ac controls custom relocated
Tein Coils
JDM Honda Type R MOMO Steering Wheel
JDM Type S door sills
Red Recaro door inserts
Custom Red Recaro shift boot 
Skunk 2 Weighted Shift Knob
Pioneer indash navi
Pioneer Speakers
Red Recaros
Cusco B-Pillar Bars (Painted Plum Crazy Purple)

probably forgetting some things but this is a start lol​

I bought the car when I was 17 with 36,000 miles on the clock and it was bone stock

Then I started mods, Injen Cold Air Intake, DC Sports race header and Greddy EVO TT Exhaust, Pioneer Indash NAVI/DVD

And of course almost everybody goes through a ricer phase lol.

In 2009 during the winter I was getting on the highway and some asshole trying to race me in a sentra put me into a guard rail, of course he took off so i had to file an insurance claim...

While the car was getting fixed i bought a 240sx and swapped in an sr20det and loved boost. It was then that I decided that I really wanted to turbo the car and build a better car and de-rice it. My original build thread can be found here :

Then over the last year I decided to start making some serious steps in trying to get some sponsorships and build a show style car that also performs well on the street so I started picking up parts.

Now is the exciting part. The parts that are going into this new build
Got a Tial Blow Off Valve from Danny Avina that was dipped in 24k Gold.

Picked up a manifold and catch can set up from All In Fab and sent it to get powdercoated candy purple

Next it was time to decide what I was going to do with my set up, I decided that I was going to go with a sidewinder set up just because it looks better for shows. The set up I already had on the log manifold made 400 to the wheels at 12 pounds with, on a stock motor, was more than enough. So I ordered the manifold and downpipe, with dumptube, and a 44mm Tial Wastegate.

All the turbo piping was coated in flat black ceramic high temp paint and looks much better than it did in these pics.
I decided that I would be going with a tucked rad so I made the call to Encore DC5 (Anthony) who happened to be selling one. (pics to come)
My Rbc manifold is getting sent out to get chromed, along with the compressor housing for the turbo. I'm going to custom make ic piping and use vanjen clamps for all of the connections. (pics to come)
Mike @ Ktuned hooked me up will all the parts that I needed to have to run the tucked rad, as well as the new billet shift box with race spec cables

here is how the car looks now


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So, in getting ready for the car to go into the shop this next week I painted the manifold, downpipe, and dumptube in ceramic heat coating. I think it looks loads better than it did without the flat black.

I also had to break my new steering wheel out that will be going on the car.

I have tons of parts coming in this week and more pictures will be coming of the car getting a tear down and all the parts with it so make sure to keep checking back for updates

Progress from the shop today, dropped it off this afternoon and the tear down has already started!!!!

As of 2/23/14
Went to the shop today to check on the progress, the Quaife LSD was put it, opted to get a new flywheel while the tranny is open since i'm pretty sure the stock one is warped, it rattles a lot. I also can't decide if i should just build the motor while i'm at this point, pretty sure i might just end up doing it... Anyways here's a pic

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love it. keep it comin man. love seeing people overcome ovewhelming odds like you smashing your car then completely rebuilding it. instead of giving up.

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Spaz, you can still use the cup holders, they do not stick out far enough to make the cup holders useless :thumbsup:

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:Love: the ac controls I need to do that the glove box is too far away, but then again i rarely use them. looks good man in for updates as well
I'm in the middle of making another one. This set up with the controls is super rare. I was thinking about making them and selling them lol.
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