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Test Ride: Piaggio MP3

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The three wheeled scooter that some of you may have seen in a recent Motorcyclist Magazine. They raved at how well it handled and how much fun it is.

They didn't lie.

I test rode one myself. It handles like it IS ON RAILS. I tried to actually make the bike lowside, but the bike itself was engineered so wonderfully that I couldn't. I took hairpin turns with such confidence I was having such a blast. I didn't have to worry about lowsiding, I just enjoyed moving through the turns.

250cc has good pep. Not like a ninja 250, but gets up to 75mph on the freeway with no hesitation. Top speed on the speedo shows 105mph.

Ugly (in that cool xB sort of way) but who cares when its so damn fun.
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but it has 3 wheels. what's this doing in the motorcycle forum? it goes in the car forum, since 3 wheels really rounds up to 4 wheels.

looks like a lawn mower tractor-ish but not.
yeah my friends gonna get one of those 3 wheeled motorcycles... and ima smoke you....

lol ok, first of all it has 3 wheels so it doesnt count...and second of all, you cant ride for shit....shut up
I would like to test drive one, but not own one.
throw some race glass on her, and safety wire... i'd love to see the looks you'd get at tech inspection at the track!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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