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Update: Aug. '10

Currently what the car looks like:


I'm just using this thread to keep track of what I've done now.

Mugen Air Intake
Mugen Radiator Cap
Mugen Resevoir Tank Covers
Mugen Twin Loop Exhaust
Spoon 4-2-1 Race Header (on it's way)
Optima Yellow-Top
Spoon Magnetic Drain Plugs
Motul 5w40

Suspension & Wheels:
17x8 Volk Racing CE28N Matte Black
Project Kics R40 Neo Chrome Lug Nuts
Tein Sports Suspension w/ Pillow Ball Mounts
Mugen Front Strut Bar
Skunk2 Rear Lower Tie Bar
Ingalls Camber kit

KVR J-Hook slotted rotors
KVR CF Sport Pads
EBC Green Stuff
Goodridge SS Lines

ARC Titan Shift Knob
JDM ITR Shift Boot
Mugen Sport Pedals
Comptech Shortshifter w/ Shifter & Cable Bushings
Alpine CDA-9886
Alpine MRP-M500 amp
10" Boston Acoustics Sub
Viper 5900 2-Way Alarm

JDM ITR Front Lip
JDM ITR Rear Lip
JDM ITR Sideskirts
JDM ITR Headlights retrofitted w/ FX55 bi-xenon projectors 6K
JDM Type-S Badge

More pics on page 2, 3


This is what my car looked like originally. The first mods I did was to un-gay the car by taking off stupid mods and stickers. I only had an Injen CAI at the time.

Stupid previous owner had the tails tinted! Took me 4 hours with a credit card + steamer to remove! He/She also removed the badges and left the rsx one in the middle!!

Some old pics.. (Car came like this)


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looks clean...

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At the moment, I can't decide if I want the C-West lip kit or the Greddy Lip. But planning on JDM headlights, Fujitsubo PG or RM01A, Short Shifter, Mugen Race Header and possibly some engine mods in the future.
C-West FRONT lip FTW!! :thumbsup:

Have you looked into mugen sides and rear? :drool:

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Just had a little overhaul of my car.. Removed the RSX logo in the rear, and replaced with new OEM 'A' emblem. Put on JDM Type-S Badge. Replaced Tails finally, and got my TEIN SS-P's installed with Skunk2 Camber kit.

Will claybar and wax later today in my buddy's underground parking lot, hopefully post some pics tho once the weather over here clears up.
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