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I am merely reposting this email.
all questions should be directed to:

Aaron Bitterman & the Speed Ventures Crew
Speed Ventures, Inc.

The Line, August 19, 2008
3 WEEKS UNTIL AUTO CLUB ROVAL!! Spots selling fast!

Auto Club Speedway Full Course “ROVAL” - Discounts
Buttonwillow Raceway – Registration Open, Discounts
SubieFest – Spots Available for non-Subarus
Seeking Race Shop for S2000 and Miata
Autotopia – State-of-the-Art Auto Storage & Private Car Club - Opens

Auto Club Speedway – Full Course “ROVAL”
Spots are going quickly for our full course event at Auto Club Speedway on September 20,21. Many of the early-bird discounts are now gone, but there are still some left:
1. $178 for some run groups still available.
2. $195 for most run groups still available.
3. Garages are no longer free for all-day signups, but the fee will be $20 for all day (rather than $40) and lunch will be provided for all day signups.
4. ACS drivers who also sign up for Buttonwillow will get $40 off for their Buttonwillow registration. This offer will be good until midnight, August 31, after which it will be offered at SV’s discretion.
To sign up for our Auto Club Speedway event, click here:

Buttonwillow Raceway
Registration is open for Buttonwillow Raceway on September 26, 27, 28. We are running configuration 13CW on Friday and Sunday. On Saturday we are running 18CW (possibly the highest speed you will attain at any track in California). Pricing is $170 for Friday and $190 for Saturday and Sunday. Remember, you will get a $40 discount if you attend the Auto Club Speedway event on the 20 or 21st, provided you sign up by August 31. To sign up for Buttonwillow, click here:

AUTOCROSS Registration Open
Remember, we are hosting an autocross on both the 20th and 21st at Auto Club Speedway. To sign up, click here:

Subie-Fest Welcomes non-Subaru Drivers
Subiesport Magazine would like to invite all non-Subaru owners to participate in two special HPDE groups scheduled for Saturday, September 6th at Willow Springs Raceway. While there, you can also take a look at the new 2009 Subaru WRX and check out the Time Attack race cars as they prepare for the Sunday competition as part of the annual Subiefest All-Subaru Shootout and Showoff. Each HPDE group will have a minimum of 4 sessions on the Big Willow race track throughout the day. Participation is only $200 per car, plus $10 to enter the track. Registrations forms and more information are available at (same form for both Subaru and Non-Subaru entries). Get your forms in asap as Subiesport is limiting each group to only 28 cars.

Seeking Race Shop to work on Speed Ventures S2000 & Miata
Speed Ventures is seeking a capable and competent race shop to work on its stable of fine automobiles (S2000 and Miata) in exchange for sponsorship opportunities, track time, or other compensation. The facility would ideally be as close as possible to Hollywood, or at least within 30 miles. However, all opportunities will be considered.

Autotopia Private Car Club and State-of-the-Art Automobile Storage Opens
Autotopia, located next to the Burbank Airport, combines a state-of-the-art facility for car collectors to congregate as well as secure automobile storage. It is a private club that is looking for a select clientele who will enjoy the benefits of being a member of a private car club. Monthly events will include exclusive track days, rallies, poker parties, Monday Night Football parties and many other activities. I had an opportunity to visit Autotopia for its opening and had an excellent time. For one, Autotopia Founder, Eric Davis, let me beat him in poker (pretty badly too) – this isn’t something you get at every club. Secondly, my membership application was denied – so clearly the club is weeding out the the wrong sort of people (just kidding!!). The facilities were first rate – I encourage you to set up an appointment with Eric: 818-523-5249.

We look forward to seeing you at the track soon.


Aaron Bitterman & the Speed Ventures Crew
Speed Ventures, Inc.
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