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Hey everyone at Club RSX! I'm an owner of an 03 RSX Type S. I've owned her for about 5 years now and now I'm getting the tuning bug again! Which brings me to join this fabulous forum. I've definitely known about this site for many years.

My story:

First car in 2003: 1997 integra anniversary edition. Slow and kinda boring but we all start somewhere! Not many, but great bolt ons :) AEM V2 right when it first came out, Greddy EVO 2 right when it first came out too :) H&R sport springs. Got the car bug. Went to school, began my career in 2006, becoming a GM technician of all places. Bought the DC5 in 2008. Kept the car stock except free H&R sport springs (again ugh) :) Left GM to become a Honda technician. Oh ya. Got to drive a Corvette ZR1 on my last day! :D Purchased and AEM V2 again for DC5 because I loved it on my DC2. Also just installed some Buddy Club N+ coil overs today. And last but not least. I have a K24A1 Block sitting under my work bench ready to be built one day :D

This DC5 is staying with me for the long run

Stoked to be a member finally :)


241 - 243 of 243 Posts