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good question . . .

while factory paint can be waxed - polished upon receipt of the car (factory poaint jobs dry faster and harder in general - plus shipping time of a few weeks minimum make this possible)

body shop paint needs time to cure.

you want to wait it out . . but the arguement becomes how long.

some say up to 90 days for traditional waxes to be applied . . .

personally, i would have absolutely no problem doing my car on about the 20 day mark - maybe even a week less . . . but being gentle is the key. i had my hood repainted in its entirety last summer - and waited 10 days - and quite honestly, it is the best looking part of my car now.

zaino will not inhibit the paint cure - or off gassing as it is sometimes referred to.

if i was using carnauba waxes - i would wait 30 days for sure (knowing what I know now) unless i had a top line premium product that I knew lots about.

does that help ?

hope so. :thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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