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hi? my ob2 port was working just fine. i got the code PO122 from it with my tester. trying to checking the resistant or volt on my tps wire. i unplug the plug from the tps sensor. i used a voltmeter. as i set up to test the wires, i plug the voltmeter black wire to battery ground, turn the car to ON position and the voltmeter red wire to the tps . i heard a shhh sound like my injector came on. since them the car start but no power. when i depress the gas pedal it buggs out but doesn't die. but no rev. i went back to check the ecm , it doesn't communicate with my ob2 scanner. ob2 scanner will turn on when i plug it in but it will do it thing and display message connection problem. i check the ecu fuse under the hood and it is good.

car starts, when i depress the gas pedal instead of the engine rpm or engine noise go high it decreases and act like it going to die but it will not die.

ecu is oem or stock. 04 type-s, manual transmission six speed

i put the multimeter volt red probe to TPS wire plug PIN A

please help.
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