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Track Car Build Show Off, Finally! Check Check!

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What’s up everybody! So here it is, finally a show off thread that shows some of the work I’ve done over the years to my current track car. This show off thread will be picture heavy so be ready!
Let’s begin when it all started, junior year of high school in 2011. She was a little ugly, but all she needed was a little love.

Then I got a hold of a few parts which later I got painted

As time went by, I saved up enough to get a paint job and a new front and rear end. For a while, this is how she was rolling. Nice and simple with very few engine mods. Probably just intake, header and catback maybe.

Then I got some Enkies, SBC’s. LOL I thought I was all bad back then since no one had them, now everybody has them. For the longest time, she was sitting like this, maybe for like 2-3 years.

It wasn’t until like 2016 that I decided I wanted to actually make something out of it. So I decided to start building my “race car” that I would hopefully track one day. So the spending began. I decided to go with a K24A2, year 2007, and shit, I chose to go N/A. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find pictures of all the parts laid out prior to installation, but the list of engine parts goes as follows:
K24A2 long block, 12.5:1 high compression Wiseco Pistons, Brian Crower rods, PRB oil pump, APR head studs, Inline Pro chain tensioner, Drag Cartel Stage 3 cams, Super Tech Springs and Retainers, CNC machined VTC actuator, 1000cc Grams injectors, Grams fuel pump, K-Tuned fuel rain, K-Tuned fuel pressure gauge, Cut and ported RBC intake manifold, 74 mm throttle body, Injen Cold air intake, PLM header, 3 inch skunk 2 exhaust, Hasport motor mounts, K-Pro tuned on E-85

In the mean time, while engine was getting build and all that, I decided to do a bit of clean up inside my engine bay. I began by welding all the unnecessary holes, prepping them for a “semi” shaved bay.

I also decided to relocate my ABS, and shit, I started bending pipes and shit. As you could see, I decided to hide it behind the firewall place. Since I also removed the wiper motor, I had hella room for activities and lines.

In addition, I relocated my fuse box under my left headlight, and cleaned up my oem harness to a much better look. Sorry, I thought I had more pics of this. You get the idea.

In addition, I got a hold of an RBC and decided to cut that bitch open and started cutting and polishing that thang thang.

Once I put everything together, I dropped in the engine along with the transmission.

After that, I took her for her tune and she made some decent power. Soon enough, I got the mod bug on me, and shit, I decided to fabricate my own wide body. At that point, I had no experience with fiberglass or any body work in general, so I figured I had nothing to loose, so I figured, fuck it, why not. Below, is some what of the process I followed…


Wellll, after some time, some things here and there, she finally got on the streets looking good and shit. I slapped the freshly painted wide panels, and the alumalite air splitter I made at home as well, which is also tough as shit, highly recommend it for track use. Anyways, HERE SHE ISSSSSSSSS!

Theres a lot more, but I figured I should just do a quick highlight of my build. Plus im only allowed to post 25 images, bummer. Anyways, I hope you guys like the progress! Also, I am always recording some of the shit that I do to it, so make sure to give me a follow on Instagram @cristheillest and on Snapchat @cristheillest93. Thanks guys! Also, huge shout out to Ukinayo_dc5, couldn’t have done it without you my guy!
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Looks amazing
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