Anybody interested in buying a track ready RSX? I've had this car for 10+ years but sadly the car has been sitting in the garage ever since I finished the the build about 3 years ago. I only drive it to the gym and back about once a month but besides that it doesn't get used.

Way too many mods to list, so please see attached photo with the list of all the mods.

The shell has 165k miles and motor/transmission have 2600 miles ran on it. Pearl Red paint job, no dents, minor chip on front bumper that happened during transportation while moving cities.

Absolutely nothing is wrong with the car, it does need alignment because I never took it in for alignment after installing the EPS. Tuned on E85 and made 284 on a dynojet. Lots of custom work and rare parts on it.

If interested in one badass car, shoot me a DM and maybe we can work something out. Shoot me your offers, not exactly sure what something like this would be going for to be honest...

Also looking for a newer daily driver, if you got one that you would be willing to trade lmk!

**Note: Just realized the picture quality seems to have changed after uploading the photos. If interested I can send you the photos directly to see the actual color of the car.