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Hey guys, Im gonna try to keep this short without dragging on into too much detail.

Im currently pulling a 6 speed from a 2002 type s with the intent on swapping it into my 2002 base auto.

The only thing thats left to remove is the wiring for the trans(reverse lockout, back up switch and speed sensor...correct?) and franky, I don't want to pull the entire engine harnesses.

I had intended to separate the wiring for the 3 transmission plugs from the harness and integrate them into the existing harness in my auto and modifying the connectors at the ECU to remove the auto-trans wiring and add manual

So Im wondering 3 things:
1. Can anyone confirm these wires go straight to the ecu(if they split into something else first id have to obviously take that also)

2. Does this seem like a bad plan? Would you recommend just pulling the entire harness?

3. Can anyone think of a reason I've potentially missed as to why this wouldn't work??

Any thoughts or opinions you may have would be greatly appreciated.

For clarity:
-I will be using a ECU from a 2002 Base 5-speed, I know the auto won't work...

-I know the reverse lockout isnt plug and play with the base ECU, would be dealing with that when I get to that point

-Yes, I could have found some of this information searching and reviewing wiring diagrams; which I've done. Im more looking for the opinions of those who have more experience in these areas then I
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