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Hey guys, I'm new here looked all over google and clubrsx and i havent found a solution or answer to my problem any help would he appreciated! Recently ive run into a problem with my 03 rsx, started when it was snowing out. The car started shifting very harsh, few days later I drove it again and after the car had warmed up about 10 mins later the car started shifting really harsh again, 5 mins pass and I came to a red light took about 4 seconds for the car to shift into 1st gear and when it did it jerked really bad. I let it sit for a few days and tried again same thing happened.

•Happens rather quick when its cold out opposed to when its warm out
•Transmission fluid level is topped up
•Oil is topped up
•I have a 2003 acura RSX base automatic
•A few times while driving the car how I've explained the D light on the dash would flash
•The car goes into limp mode I know this BC while driving with this problem after awhile it would just get stuck in 3rd gear
•Downshifts are very harsh also
•Before the car starts to really screw up, upshifts to any gear take 2-3 seconds and when it does shift into the higher gear it jerks
•I have a trip I have to go on in a few weeks and need my car fixed.

Also please no hate comments on my base auto I'm not here for those just here for answers!!

Also I've seen on eBay while searching for transmission oil pressure switches that there is ones labeled 1st gear, 2nd and 3rd gear , 4th gear and 5th gear kinda puzzled me as every video and post I've read on how to install these there seems to be only one of them not 5 different ones for each gear. Is there only one transmission oil pressure switch or are there one for each gear?

Thabks in advance for help!!
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