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im living in oregon and going to school, and for spring break my girlfriend and i decided to leave town and go to california.
Im driving back down to san diego to visit my family and get out of the rain soaked area.

san diego is about 1000 miles away from me... so round trip about 2000 miles

as for long distance driving...
i've recently changed my oil, and was gonna rotate my tires as soon as the weather got better.
and i was gonna put painters tape over my hood and bumper/lip etc

anything else i should do?
look for?
listen for?

i've driven my car up to portland (about 2 hours away) and i notice when i get off the freeway from driving long distances my car feels sluggish, and like there's cotton balls on my pedals... (weird... keep from the flames)

any help would be repped in return

BTW: have SRI... rains too much and too many puddles and its cold enough it doesnt bother me to have a CAI

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Since our cars are NA (well most of us anyways :laughing: ), you don't have to worry about cooldown times after driving for long periods or anything of that sort. Just make sure you're good on gas is my main suggestion; they say that after your car runs out of gas once, it's never the same again.

Driving through Cali shouldn't be a big deal (done it 100x at least), but if you're driving through the desert at all (like I do habitually now), overheating becomes a big problem. If this happens (again very unlikely), remember to slow to and stop, and run your heater on high to draw heat away from the engine block.

If you really want to be crazy, bring a 'survival kit:' water, flashlight, flares, kitty litter, jumper cables, etc. A 2000 mile trip ain't nothin, so at least make sure you've got the essentials.

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Tire plug kit woulnt be a bad idea either and a big bag of green also to kill the bordem.

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I would suggest you get a can of Fix a Flat...usually sells for about $6 and is a life saver....i had 18's on last summer and got a flat tire....very simple to use...just attach the same way you would to fill up air...the can disperses liquid into the tire which plus the leak and adds about 10psi of air.....i drove on it for like a week with no problems and no air loss.
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Knock on wood, I've been driving for 20 years and only been dead on the road once (bad alternator in my old Nissan P/U). I have had stuff break before, but been able to fix it. I keep a pretty big tool bag in my car at all times that includes the usual assortment of box-end wrenches, ratchets, sockets, pliers. etc.

Other important stuff that you might not think of until you need them...

1.) Battery-powered headlamp (for your head, like camping supplies). Good for keeping both hands free while you're fixing stuff at night.

2.) A beach towel, in case you have to get under your car on a really hot day or rainy night. Will keep you from geting burned on asphalt or soaked. Also could keep you warm in case you get stranded.

3.) A little transparent plastic tackle box with extra metric bolts, washers, cotter pins, some baling wire, electrical tape, zip ties, fuses, etc.

4.) A quart of fresh brake fluid, in case your master cylinder starts to leak.

5.) A liter of fresh drinking water, in case your car dies and you need to walk any amount of distance.

6.) Some Cliff Bars, for reason above.

There's some other stuff I'm leaving out, but all this fits in the tool bag and goes in the trunk. Trust me: This list was formulated from personal experience. One last thing. I always carry at least $200 in cash any time there's a major road trip involved. That's enough to gas money to get you to point B, money to buy a spare tire with, or get a motel with for a few nights, if need be. Good luck and have a safe trip.
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