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XCLUSIV_1 said:
actually the only hard part is getting the mirror and making it might be a little off (maybe) i measured it should be a direct bolt for the turn signals...those are easy to hard wire...its the same way u would install the jdm side markers...just hard wire it to the for the heated mirrors...yes the 04 rsx & tsx come w/ heated should not be hard to hook up this option b/c we can add the relay and stuff for heated mirrors.... @ this point i have everyting mapped out, i just need the mirrors!!!! i also have a back up plan that i am working on too....i am going to put a strip of clear led's into the rsx mirror and wire it to the blinkers....

There he is, thats the guy i was talking about. :wavey:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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