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Tuning for A/F Turbo HKS kit

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Current setup:
-HKS turbo kit
-HKS S-type IC
-RBC IM + hondata gasket
-RC 550cc
-AEM fuel rail
-ngk step colder
-wastegate set at 4psi(breaking in turbo and waiting for dyno tune in a couple weeks)

Current Calibration
-Greddy 12 ohm 550cc 7 psi

I drove it around going from 1000-4000 rpms with max boost of 4psi and about 10-70% throttle. I had some knocking around 2500-3000 and fixed it. I datalogged and found 0 knocks. I am now trying to tune for A/F. Using the greddy kcal can I street tune the A/F at 4 psi with the 7psi map? Im thinking it will run rich so i wont have to worry about it getting lean(set lean prot 2). Am I correct in my assumption? Or just tune for street driving and wait to tune the A/F at the dyno? This tuning thing is pretty fun, so far my best mod yet KPRO!:beerchug:
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if you are in walnut,ca I would definitely make a trip to Church Automotive in Wilmington and have Shawn or Daniel tune your car for max power and reliability
I wanted to break the turbo in before getting it tuned at higher boost levels. So as long as I took care of the knock, would i be able to drive around as long as im not going like WOT all the time? Thanks for the reply. I previously contacted daniel about helping out with the installs of some electronics so maybe he can help with his expertise:giggity:
your gonna need bigger injectors soon , 100%. Kpro is a blast i love it too. if youd like help tuning your car , send me your calibration and datalogs. let me have a look.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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