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Hey guys , i'm kind of getting bored of the wheels but yeah was just trying to see if i were to let them go if anyone is interested what offers I will get.

Located in San Diego

DR -31 Cr-kai Reps (trade only)
wheel specs 17x9 +17 on 215/45/17 (rattle can white)
The tires need to be changed but I got new pair of falken on my other wheels that I been trying to get rid of cuz its just sitting on the backyard under a tarp.

other wheels :

5zigen 5zr ($500 NOW w/ tires) just want them gone .
specs: 17x7.5 +43 on 215/45/17 (95-98% falken tires)

the rims have some scratches made by PREVIOUS owner but can be sanded and redone with some TLC :thumbsup:

alright guys let me know!!! but as far as trades go I would like stanced wheels pls at least 17x8 or x9 with low offset. And may consider putting money on top if I have enough :laughing::laughing: but thankkkkkssss!

Just seeing what offers IF ANY :thumbsup::thumbsup:
1 - 20 of 101 Posts