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I'm not sure, thinking about getting rid of these, color won't work on my new ride. Could always repaint them (sick of seeing black/red everywhere anyway) but i paid and waited extra for I'm not wanting to go that route if possible. May hang on to them, not 100% sure. Two general pictures, will provide pics once i get them cleaned up to SERIOUS BUYERS only:

Size: 17x7.5 +50
Tires: 225/45 Dunlop's, have maybe three months on them if that, plenty of tread left.
Three of the wheels are fine other then some scuffs around where the lugs go. One has a pretty nasty rash, maybe three or four inches long around the lip. Totally repairable but an eye sore none the less. Has LE carbon centercaps as well. I know what I paid for them and i know they go for around $2400 new minus centercaps and tires. Throw some offers around, i will take into account the damage but will NOT part these out cheap just because, so don't low ball me with $1000 or something. Looking for a couple of wheels, if anyone has any of these listed, maybe we can work out something:

Advan RGII 17x8 +37 White or Gold only
Weds Sport SA-70 17x8 +42 Black Chrome ONLY
EP3 CTR 17x7 preferably white
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