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Location: Cleburne Texas
Selling some stuff

-A pair of cams out of a PRB-1(R2,R3 is on the cams). Look to be in good shape. Asking $90shipped+pp fees obo

-Valve springs, retainers, and seats from the PRB-1 head(type S) Everything seems to be in good shape. Asking $40shipped obo

-k20 alternator(no pulley). $old

-Supertech Ti Retainers BNIP. $old

-K20 chain guides. $25+fees

-k24a4 power steering pump. $old

-K24 chain cover. $old

-Supertech Mang/Bronze Guides BNIP. $old

-Supertech ALUMINUM retainers with keepers BNIP. $old

-K24a4 belt tensioner. $20+fees

-Ktuned alternator pulley. $old

-K24a4 fuel rail. $20+fees

-S90 74mm Throttle Body BNIB. For Kseries- "Honda DC5-R(74mm)". Never used. $old

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