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Type R club in jamaica

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newly formulated club. we go by the name JTRC - Jamaica Type R Club. its extended to all Type R model.

Here are the pics. Enjoy.

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nice cars
wow... nice cars..
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damn nice cars
that EP is dumped
Jamaica holding it down Type R style..

Damn, I want all of those cars. My fav has to be one of those Champ White DC5's. Going GA GA over them.. ahhhh
holy shit... i didnt kno jamaica had a type R club
Jamaica!... one love.:love:
wow... so many Rs in one spot!!!
thanks... glad you all appreciate it.
type RRRRR madness props to you guys
wow i never thought i'd say this but i'll move to jamaica for one of those type R's. btw how come no 05+ DC5's?
too sick!

Miramar, FL?
1 - 20 of 235 Posts
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