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Inprogress2 said:
anybody have the type R final drive with boost?...i have it right now and am going to get it installed this week and was wondering if anybody had any experience with this?...
don't have any first hand experience but I would think it would be a waste and might even hurt you...when your boosting this car you are already putting a lot of power to the ground and climbing up through the revs very quickly, all this is going to do is increase the ratios and make those revs climb quicker, which in the lower gears would make traction even more of a's good for NA when you don't have as much power and want to magnify the effects of the power you have with higher acceleration, but I remember from when I had my crx, a lot of the guys who were boosting actually used a taller final drive so they could be in boost for longer throughout each gear....
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