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The wing is great. It mounts to factory points. It's not obnoxiously high like the series 1. Sits about 6 inches high. It is perfectly symmetrical with the body design. It definatly holds the ass down above 100 mph. It makes the car look more complete, full and aggressive.

Cons are: It did not come with gaskets or bolts. I wish the ends of the wing actually touched the body. It seems to float alittle off the body but it still looks better than any wing out their in my opinion. It blocks some vision in the rear view mirror. I usually can tell if it's a cop behind me by staring at the headlights but the wing sits exactly where the headlights of the car behind you are and you really can't see the car behind you well through the side view mirrors.

I got it for $200 off the internet, primed and ready for paint. I paid another $200 for paint and installation.


1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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