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Type-s cluster work for base?

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Some ignorant theives smashed my cluster when they tried to steal my stereo so now I have to replace it.I can get a good deal on a type-s cluster,but would it read the RPMs and MPH right.I now the redline would be higher,but the type-s cluster also has more compressed lines,so would the readings be off?
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if you can program it correctly it would be accurate as to what you're asking. Obviously the redline and evrything that is different will be different.... but will 20mph on a base cluster = 20 mph on a type s cluster? yes. you should be fine. my suggestion? just get a base cluster to avoid confusion/hassle.
damn, u musta had a nice head unit or the thieves were dumber than shit.... what kinna deck did u have?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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