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Type s Ecu in k24 swapped base model

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So i got a k24a with rbb head swapped into my rsx base automatic as of recent and it runs perfectly fine but it doesn’t run at 100% meaning not all 210 horsepower is there because of the base model ecu. Can i put a type s ecu in my base model and work fine and get all that horsepower im missing out on?
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I guarantee you that your engine is not running perfectly fine. Get a tuneable ecu or sell your car to someone that knows what they’re doing. You can’t just throw stuff together and expect it to run correctly. Anything more than bolt ons requires a tune.
What ecu would u recommend for my current situation that works for an auto was thinking about getting the hondata but wasn’t sure if it works for autos also this isnt my daily it’s barely driven its a work in progress just trying to learn by myself.
Ktuner is your best option, and it will work with your original ECU. You’re still going to need to speak with a tuner unless you’re comfortable with copying all of the values from the TSX basemap to the rsx code base.

You’ve come to the right place. More often than not, someone has already gone through what you’re attempting and posted their experience on here.
Thanks Appreciate the help :)
Or you can do what I did and get a 02-04 Type S Ecu that has Kpro. Then download the program & upload the proper calibration "other vehicles/TsxK24a2 Stock map".
I have a 06 rsx and i know that the 05-06 ecu is different from 02-04 ecu and cant use them on each other or i need a special adapter to use the 02-04. And if you meant to get my type of ecu with kpro installed where would i get that.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts