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Hi...I dont really talk much instead I cruise around other ppl's threads.
But this time, I wanted to ask you guys if I overpaid for my exhaust.
I bought Tanabe Super Hyper Medallion for my base AUTO $555 shipped.
What you experts think? too much or GREAT deal?
I just talked to a guy named Chris from that website I bought it from and he says it will arrive by either 3/22 or 3/23 which is 10 days later.
Please share your wisdom.

I already done so much search about which exhaust I should get, prolly spent like a week on here at clubrsx threads.
I have heard about with their deals. It says $512+shipping which will be prolly around 550-650. Even if they give better DEAL, it would be 500-550. I just thought it would be same and also I didn't want to involve credit card.

I paid in M/O a.k.a full cash.

Let me know if I got ripped off or not.
THX a bunch. :wavey:
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