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hi been a while...i use own a 04 rsx type s a while back then and sold it...
anyways after a couple yrs i got another rsx which is a 05 rsx type s...had the car for a yrs now and decided to make another showoff thread...Enjoy...

Old showoff thread...

My old ride...miss her alot...:(

...Update every page...

New ride...progress so far...

-Mugen Rep Front Lip
-A-Spec Oem Side Skirt
-Mugen Rep Rear Lip
-A-Spec High wing
-Oem Mini Deck lid Modified To Fit A-Spec wing
-FX-R 3.0 HID BIXENON Projector Retrofit W/ Orbit Shroud
-75w Xenon Hid Kit
-Clear Fog Light
-Integra Type S side Decal
-Jdm H Front And Rear Emblem Paint Black
-Type s Front And Rear Emblem
-Integra rear Emblem Paint Black
-Jdm Widow Visor
-Jdm clear Side Marker

-JDM Shift Boot
-Jdm Integra Is Honda Sterring Wheel
-Jdm Type s Cluster
-Integra Type S door sill
-Mugen pedal
-Strut King footrest pedal
-Honda Accord Key

-SPC Front and Rear Camber Kit
-Moog EP3 Outer Tie Tod End
-Hardrace Front Sway Bar End Links
-Buddy Club Extended Ball Joints (Roll Center Adjuster)
-Prothane Polyurethane Front Lower Control Arm Bushing Kit
-Raceland Ultimo Coilover

-K Tuned Fuel Rail
-Rdx Injector
-K Tuner End User Ecu
-Raizin Performance Voltage Stabilizer
-motor mount insert
-GSP engine tq damper
-RBC Intake Manifold
-Karcepts TB Adapter-K Tuned Dual TB Adapter
-Hondata IM Gasket
-Diy Battery Relocate To Front Passenger Bumper
-Mishimoto Racing Thermostat
-Exedy Stage 1 clutch W/ XTR Pro-Racing Lightweight Flywheel (10.2 lbs)
-Cx Racing Performance Intake-Diy Dual Intake
-Spec-D Exhaust -Private Label MFG Power Driven EXHAUST
-Tsx Intake Camshaft/Skunk2 Exhaust CamshaftSkunk2 Stage2 Camshaft
-Megan 4-1 Shorty Header-Skunk2 Alpha Header
-Endless 3'' Down pipe/Test PIpe
-Skunk2 Alpha Series High Compression Valve
-Skunk2 Alpha Valve Spring And Retainer
-Super Tech Keeper
-SKUNK2 Black Valve Cover Low Profile Hardware Kit
-Skunk2 Clutch Reservoir Tank Covers
-Acuity Hall Effect TPS
-Rev-line 70mm Tb
-R-Active front strut bar
-Diy Dual Intake
-K-Tuned Tensioner

First bought the car all stock...

lot stuff came in and install

Side marker install

Mugen lip

A-Spec side

paint H black

lower and stuff install here and there


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Really Nice And Clean!
thank you...trying to keep the car as clean as possible since i lived in the country side...alot of dirt and rock road...
Cool man! I miss your hybrid bumper though.

Also I didnt know you could just pull the emblems apart like that.
thanks rlippy...u still remember my hybrid bumper lol...yea u can just take the emblem apart and paint or leave it clear :D...anyway congrat on the win:thumbsup:...stll have a long way to get to ur status lol...
So Clean! :love:
thank you for the hard to keep it clean out here in the country side lol...

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looks awesome, very clean and nicely modded to me. that type s grill badge is right, prob the lighting makes it look a different color or so

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those sides match the mugen lipkit very nicely
yea it flown nicely with it...i had the mugen side before but it to aggressive for me lol...i just wanted something that is clean and simple that is not too aggressive

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Looks real nice, but i could have sworn the type s grill badge was more orange
it looks orange in the pic but it actually red in person:thumbsup:
looks awesome, very clean and nicely modded to me. that type s grill badge is right, prob the lighting makes it look a different color or so
thanks you Aziank trying to keep it clean...yea it just the lighting that makes it look red it person...
probably, i really like the black emblems
yea i like the black too...i was gonna paint it blue, paint my valve cover blue,blue brembo and get some blue recaro and blue interior would look nice but it was just way to much for me lol...
Very Nice!! Very Clean!!
thank you:thumbsup:

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love the retros and cluster, what color is the shroud? looks good in the housing!
i love my retros and cluster too:D...i believe is metallic silver...

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Damn! Keep up the good work. Super clean!:giggity:
:thumbsup:will do
Very nice! I always liked the look of aspec sides with the mugen front and rear lip. What wheels are you planning to get this time? Those regas on your old car looked perfect!
to be honest i want another set of regas but im in a budget now...i still need to get my bc stage 2 cam and supertech valve spring kit first before i get some thinking about rpf1 cause they are nice light and price is affordable...but dam everyone as rpf1 lol
Edit: buy these lol
I like your simple quality tastes of mods!
thanks man...:thumbsup:
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