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jmp9982 said:
I'm glad my car is running rich and it despenses a $10 bill every time i hit 100....
:laughing: :spin: :laughing:

josephphng said:
is it worth it to get a used cybernation turbo for $2600? the turbo is in good condition and works fine.
another thing, what is running lean? people say that turbo make your car run lean. does it mean that the car runs lean to the side, like an allignment problem?

Maybe, buy the kit...but dont put it on yet. Sounds like a decent price if the kit is complete and in good shape.

Do some research first though make sure turbo is what you want. Learn the pros and cons.

In the end turbo may not be for you, then you will be stuck with a kit that you have to sell. :thumbsdow

I wonder if the cops will hassle you for running lean ;)
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