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Valve knock/ injector tick?

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Lately I have had a distinct knocking noise coming out of the engine. It is coming from the head it sounds like and I think it is a valve. I have also heard it could be an injector. The noise has gotten a little louder and only comes in above 3k RPM. The car runs fine but I am worried it might go south quick if this is not fixed. What could it be?
It is a constant tick, tick, tick and only does it while in the gas and not coasting.

any help would be great!
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You may as well take the valve cover off, check for worn cams, etc. Check the valve lash. If all seems okay, I'd say a compression test is in order, could be a burned valve or some mechanical part failure.
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... could be a burned valve or some mechanical part failure.

yeah i am worried about that. i pulled the head two summers ago and replaced the HG but i REALLY dont want to go through the trouble of pulling that bad boy again
I hear you. When I did my valve springs I left the head on the motor, it's a PITA but less work than pulling the damn head. It'll be almost a year in the spring since I did cams, I plan on pulling the cover and checking everything over for wear and clearances. I think I may replace the chain tensioner and try the civic upper chain guide too.
this is going to possible sound stupid, but can seals be replaced without pulling the head? i did the HG myself but i had the cam, springs, tensioners done at a shop. i probably wont be doing this work either because i am not confident enough in some of my work.

oh and there is no CEL light and everything seems fines except for the loud tick
It's a pain but it can be done. You have to either use compressed air to hold up the valves or do what I did, feed nylon cord in through the spark plug hole with the piston down, then turn the crank to push the piston and cord up against the valves, worked for me. Then you can remove the retainers, springs and seats and change the seals, just time consuming as you can only do one cylinder at a time. You need a valve spring compressor that is very thin to do it, there's almost no room between the springs and the head.
sounds like the fpr but thats only at idle
Fuel Pressure Regulator?

it just seems like a cell should have been thrown by now.

oh and i am boosted @ 10 PSI
ok just dropped it off at the shop.
they think it may be piston slap.

If you hadn't said it was coming from the head, I would have also suspected either pistons or rings.
well he doesnt know yet. but it sounds like it is on top. he stuck a stethascope to the side of the block but could not pin point it. he is takening the vavle cover off and is going to fish around in there. the thing is it isnt burning oil abnormally or smoking. when i burnt a ring out in my truck it smoked like crazy, fouled plugs and burned oil. if i am going 45 mph you can not tell there is even an issue.
Update: def not the head, we crunk the car up and let it run without the valve cover JUST to make sure it wasnt the head. it is something lower in cylinder one. something bad.

pulling the oil pan today.
sounds like rod bearing
thats what i am starting to think.

probably will just save some time and say screw it- lets just build it from the bottom up.
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