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Hello everyone, this is my first post on Club RSX. I know that motor mounts have been discussed in great lengths on these forums, but I feel like Vibratechnics never got the attention they deserved. So I would like to make a new thread starting with my experience with these mounts.

These mounts are absolutely fantastic. I started by installing only the passenger side mount and transmission mount. The results were far better than I ever would have imagined after reading everyone else's experience with aftermarket mounts. The vibration levels were practically no different at any RPM than stock. The only thing I noticed was more high-frequency vibrations at idle. But that wasn't accompanied by any cabin resonance or discomfort whatsoever. Any difference in vibration was simply enjoyable. And I am picky about refinement. I want my car to be just as comfortable as when stock. As far as performance gains from those two mounts, they improved more aspects of driving than I expected.
First: the ride became better because the stiffer mounts made the suspension and tires do more. Second: the steering feel was more direct because of less movement in the sub-frame. Third: the wheel-hop was greatly improved. Fourth: the clutch and throttle pedal feel became more informative. Fifth: the shifter slid into gear a little easier. And lastly: of course the throttle response was sharpened. Overall, I was blown away at how good these two motor mounts performed. I would highly recommend them in ANY application. They really only improved the car. There were no drawbacks.

However, things did change a little bit when I installed the rear mount. The vibration at idle certainly increased substantially. Enough to make the steering wheel vibrate enough that you can see it, but not really enough to make any interior trim rattle. Furthermore, with the A/C on, it still isn't very bad. No one will notice from the outside, and I have experienced worse in Hondas with simply old motor mounts. The difference between Vibratechnics mounts and stock mounts with the A/C on is less than with it off. Really not bad. Enough to slightly annoy someone that likes a refined ride, but still not enough to make them regret installing the rear mount. The rear mount certainly increased performance more than the other two mounts did. Everything that was improved with the first two mounts was improved again by at least the same amount. There were a lot more drawbacks with the rear mount, but I still think it is worth having in my car. And remember, I'm far more interested in refined spirited driving than anything else. I'm not after every inch of performance I can squeeze out of my car.

So to sum up my review: I would absolutely recommend buying these mounts no matter who you are. If you want OEM vibration, then simply skip the rear mount. If you want high performance engine mounts, then install them all. I don't see any reason to spend 20% less and end up with far more vibration (and yes, I have a pretty good idea that that's what you would get from personal experience with ESMM inserts, extensive research, and riding in other cars with upgraded mounts). These mounts are all you should ever ask for from aftermarket mounts. The only thing I would add is that Hardrace mounts seem to be a pretty good idea and would probably work very well in tandem with these mounts to give a nearly-stock feel with greatly improved performance. I will be installing a Hardrace front mount, if it ever arrives, to finish the set.

Sorry for staring another motor mount thread, but I really feel like this information needs to be out there. If you read it all, then thanks for your time and I hope you found it helpful.
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