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I am from Canada, so shipping is buyers responsibility, and expensive for the wheels BTW

LE37K w/ tires $1400 (located in CANADA)

The wheels:
Rays Engineering - Volk Racing LE37K (Limited Edition version of SE37K)
18" x 7.5" +40 offset
5x114.3 bolt pattern (Honda/Acura/Mazda/etc.) (stamp is wrong, see sticker for true bolt pattern)
FORGED ~15lb weight
No center caps (RE30 Limited Edition center caps pictured are sold separately)

MINT CONDITION (circa 2001):
  - Original stickers still intact
  - Small knicks in finish in few spots
  - No curb rashes
  - Lips need polishing!

These are not the set I sold last year, as these are the original color and in much better condition. I purchased these (second owner) to replace the set from last year.

Bridgestone RE760
One season left

LE37K - Album on Imgur

Volk Racing RE30 Limited Edition Center Caps       $150
Extremely rare
Will fit RE30, SE37K, LE37K
May not fit other Volks, please do your research

Great condition, a little fading on rubber cover
Multiple O-Rings intact and still clean

RE30 Center caps - Album on Imgur

Volk Racing LE37K "VR" Limited Edition Center Caps       $40
Front is damaged and cracked, pretty much the VR is gone and the carbon insert will fall out

Frame part is still OK and great if you want to CNC something in place

LE37K Center caps - Album on Imgur

2006-2007 Honda Accord Sedan ASEAN Replica Grill           $120
Modded to fit 2006-2007 Honda Accord Sedan (NA)

Use zip ties on bottom to keep it from bouncing or flapping up on highway (added security)

Chrome is distorted, strips in middle have chrome flaked off

Badge was OEM and is still in great condition
ASEAN Grill - Album on Imgur

2003-2007 Honda Accord Sedan B-Pillar C-Pillar glossy black vinyl      $30

Planned to use it but never completed
B Pillar - Album on Imgur


Moog End Links (fits 2003-2007 Honda Accord)          $20 each

All BNIB never used

Moog K90660
Moog K90661
Moog K90342
Moog K90343

Should also fit 2004-2008 Acura TSX, 2004-2008 Acura TL but please verify
End Links - Album on Imgur

2006-2007 Honda Accord Sedan OEM Rear bumper OEM exhaust delete (unpainted)     $25
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

Lamin-X H220 2006-2007 Honda Accord Sedan Rear Tail Light (lightest tint color) pre-cut pieces           $65
Lamin-X - Album on Imgur

Acura TL 2004-2008 OEM Side Markers (STANLEY)       $45
(2) Red
(2) Grey

Great condition, was going to use for a project but never caught on

Could be used for different things, just buy a connector from dealership!
TL Sidemarkers - Album on Imgur

B-Quiet Extreme (50 sq.ft) w/ Roller            $100

100% legit, none used. Not the fake stuff, real direct from their site

Heavy to ship
B Quiet - Album on Imgur

Lamin-X 1-816 (8"x16") Universal film (lightest tint color) w/Heavy Duty Cutter tool      $30
Lamin-X - Album on Imgur

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added your pics to this thread, good luck with your sale man
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