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Hello! I wasn't sure if I should post in the General Discussion or just overall Canada subforum, so I decided to start here first.

I'm looking for a 05/06 RSX-s, and have found one that I kind of like in Red Deer. It has 170,000 kms, has light mods and costs $7400. I'll be doing an inspection via a mechanic, but I wasn't sure what to look out for, especially because I'm not a car person. This car seems like it only has a CAI and Fuel Rail as mods basically, and the CAI seems like a pretty common mod but I wasn't sure what a Fuel Rail mod is, and if it's sketchy or not. This is the car in question:

I also wouldn't be opposed to an older one, I just want a car that I can baby for the next several years to come or more, and hopefully learn more about cars and maintenance throughout, so I was just thinking that an 05/06 would be better than an older RSX-s. This is the 2002 one I think looks pretty good, 180,000 kms and $6000.

Do you think I should just wait for a more stock car to come around (I'm willing to pay more for a stock), or are these two cars both pretty good deals? What prices are RSX-s usually at, i.e. what prices should I look out for?

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