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Was the RSX ever offered without a sunroof?

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Maybe a base RSX?

Just wondered if the RSX was ever sold in North America without a sunroof?
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any reason why people bitch about having a sunroof? (especially when they don't track/race their car)
cause its mad tite y0 jdm f0 sh0!

lol, i love my sunroof, only because I feel like my car is too dark inside if i dont have at least the shade thing open.
yeah I forgot not having certain luxuries in madd jdm
I like the moon roof also! It's a good thing cause without it it would be dark in my car due to my tinted window's.
never use mine
Ya not all the base's in Canada dont have a sunroof and those ugly hub caps.
The Premeium base model is the same as the base's in the States and then they have the shit base without leather and sunroof.
Didn't know they were offered without the sunroof in Canada... interesting.
I like having a sunroof, seems so much more open with one. The way it folds over the roof instead of into it is kinda ugly, but it's better than not having a sunroof.
I personally LOVE the sunroof. And even more so, I love how it goes over the roof. Gives the car a sleek look. And the angle at which it goes over the roof is not high like on the Mazda RX-8 (the angle at which it goes over the roof is ridiculous so it looks like it's pointing up).
all mine is used for is to tilt it when parked looks sexy imo
hmph. didnt know that.
ps. hub caps ftl. sunroof ftw
Come on guys, just answer the question.

Was the RSX ever sold in NA without a sunroof? A: In the US NO, in Canada, yes.

Type R doesn't even matter since it is no where near the NA :shakehead
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