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Water / Condensation in headlamps..

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I'm sure the title drew plenty of attention for people to hop on a repost.

Now that you're all here, my problem is different. I do not have a wheel well liner on the passenger side of my rsx. Long story.

When I had my H.I.Ds installed, there was never any rubber seals placed over the back of them. I never noticed, because at that time I had both wheel well liners intact.

Every time it rains, my wheel will throw water up into the headlamp. Looks like shit. Driver's side is fine because of the wheel well liner. Does anyone know where I would get seals to fit H.I.Ds for the rsx?

For those of you who don't know, the stock seals don't fit.
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Couldn't you just modify the stock seals, we do that all the time.
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