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I relocated my water/meth from under the hood, where it was getting completely heat soaked, to the hatch/trunk, where it should be much cooler. I spent a lot of time ripping out old wiring from the engine bay and behind the dash. I ran two speaker wire sets (total of 4 conductors, 3 used, one extra) from the front of the car to the back hidden under the trim at the bottom of the drivers side door frame and under the rear seat. I already had power and a great ground back there from my two amps for the sound system, so I just hooked up to the B+ and GRND distribution blocks I had back there already for power/ground. I ran a short line of new 150 psi polyethylene tubing from the tank to the pump, then ran the tubing from the pump through a fresh hole I drilled in the bottom of the trunk (where it will run along side the fuel lines into the engine bay to the intake jet). I wrapped the tubing with electrical tape where it transitions from inside the car to outside to prevent it from being damaged. I drilled 4 holes through the trunk bed to zip tie the pump down as well -- originally these were going to be sheet metal screw holes, but it was simply too difficult to get the long ass screws in the holes through the carpet and pump rubber mounts, so I simply drilled the holes out bigger and zip tied it down. The holes that the zips and methanol line comes out of were then hot glue filled to seal the trunk back up and add some rigidity to the methanol line's transition outside. The tank is mounted via zips to the hatch's stiff plastic/carpet wall.

The wiring is as follows (when relay coil is energized, pole A and B connect):
(B+)--(20A fuse), now known as (fused 12v+)
(fused 12V+)--(relay coil side A)
(fused 12V+)--(relay pole A)
(relay coil side B)--(wire #1 to ecu activation, grounds when activated)
(relay pole B)--(pump pressure regulator)--(pump (+))
(pump (-))--(ground)
(relay pole B)--(wire #2 to dash spray led (+))
(spray led (-))--(ground)
(ground)--(tank level sensor)--(wire #3 to dash low tank led (-))
(low tank led (+))--(power outlet/cig lighter (+)): This makes the low tank light come on only when ignition/accessory is on.
(ground)--(arming switch at dash)--(ecu arming input, armed when ground present)

Hope this helps somebody.

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Nice Raz...looks cool (no lame pun intended)
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