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How dirty are they? My Grand-Am's pipes never really had a bright shine to them... All I ever did was wipe'em with a sponge when washing it. Maybe some sort of kitchen cleaning spray would work? That stuff seems all purpose, and doesn't harm metallic finishes - It may get off the carbon stains.

Just a guess - I need to find something too, as the exahaust on the RSX is turning pitch black.

... Actually, I just found this on a site for Motorcycle owners - It seems to be what I was thinking to try:

A cleaning tip for the downpipes from Erik...

Erik says: "Here's a cleaning tip to get the exhaust pipes clean
and looking as they were when you get your brand new Hornet.
You can use a cleaning product for glass ceramic kitchen
appliances made by 3M (Scotch Brite) or similar.
It removes the black spots, and the brown colour they go after
months of riding.
!However! Be careful - DO NOT use it on plastic or painted parts,
it is quite agressive."

Good luck :thumbsup:
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