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Weds sport tc105n 17x9 +35 (basically new)

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Just seeing if anyone's interested. I'd be willing to trade as well. I'm interested in gram light 57dr 17x9 +38.

Wheels have been on my car for about 2 months. Maybe 400 miles put on them. They look brand new, no scratches. The color is dark gun metallic which is a pretty neat color. I'm asking $1800 shipped to your door.

Thanks for looking !

Call/text 850-3802389 my name is aden


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Did this fitment run at all?
My dude, this ad is 8 years old.
I’m struggling to navigate this, never been on a forum haha had my RSX 20 years. Just now trying to revamp it. Just need to know what offset 18x9 or 17x9 needs to be to avoid rubbing the RCA
1 - 4 of 4 Posts