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(410) 750-3115
6010 University Blvd
Ellicott City, MD 21043

max power and i go out every monday night for MNF at eggspectation, they got pretty good deals on beer and food. not to mention vw's meet at the garage literally right next door to us every monday night if you want to go to an actual car meet haha

half off domestic draft beers
half off rail liquor
half off house wines
half off appetizers (minus seafood ones)
15 wings for 5.50$

these specials go from 3 to close in the bar

MNF football they do raffles for jerseys at halftime, free appetizer gift cards for every quarter and 25$ gift certificate for final score on a 10x10 scoreboard.

anyways hit me up if anyones interested in coming, pm me for my number if you dont already have it.

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